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Legit paper writing services

When you need a paper or essay done, you can look to a paper writing service. However, one issue for many students is that they are unable to differentiate between legit paper writing services, and those writing services which are low-quality or scams. The two types of writing services can market themselves in the same way, which makes it hard to tell them apart. There are many stories of students using poor writing services that deliver essays which are highly plagiarized and have low-quality content. This results in wasted money from the student, and it also means they need to spend further time in correcting the essay. Therefore, it is crucial to know what the legit paper writing services are.

This is why we have gone through hundreds of paper writing services to find the ones that are most trustworthy and reliable. We use the most important parameters such as speed, cost, and quality to differentiate these essay writing services. The hard work has been done by us, because we genuinely care about the students. We have heard too many stories of students being scammed, and also of students using fraudulent services. This is why we have compiled a list of the top 4 legit essay paper writing services. These writing services provide exceptional quality for each order, and you can put your trust in them for a variety of assignments.

1. 99Papers

Price: from $8,97 | Deadline: 3 hours | Discount: 5% | Revisions: Unlimited | Support: 24/7

When you think of legit paper writing services, the first name that pops into your head should be 99Papers. They are a reliable and trustworthy provider that has been delivering quality for many years. Their first time order discount also offers excellent value.

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“I am a 2nd year student at a prestigious university. The demands of my course can be overwhelming. I went with 99Papers because I needed a service that I could trust. They delivered a high-quality paper in a very short amount of time. I would definitely recommend this service”.

Frank B.

2. PaperHelp

Price: from $9,5 | Deadline: 3 hours | Discount: 10% | Revisions: + | Support: 24/7

One of the best legit paper writing services is PaperHelp. Their world class customer service combined with their huge array of talented writers makes them a highly rated choice. This is a service that you can trust for all of your assignments, and they also have a very affordable pricing structure.

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“I am a freshman in college, and I needed a paper for my ENG 101 course. I sought the services of PaperHelp, and gave them all the requirements. They followed these requirements exactly, and produced a paper that went well above my expectations. This is definitely a service that you can trust. “

Matt K.

3. EssayPro

Price: from $7,5 | Deadline: 6 hours | Discount: 10% | Revisions: + | Support: 24/7

When you think of top-quality writing services that go above and beyond, you should think of EssayPro. They are a leading provider of top notch papers, essays, and assignments. You can also directly talk with the writer to let them know of any specific requirements.

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“I used EssayPro for an essay about past presidents of the USA. The end result was a fantastic paper which was well-researched and used the best sources. I was impressed with the communication throughout, and I would definitely recommend this service.”

Joana I.

4. PaperCoach

Price from: $8 | Deadline: 6 hours | Discount: 5-20% | Revisions: + | Support: 24/7

The best legit paper writing services are those which combine top class customer service with consistent delivery. This is definitely what PaperCoach achieves, and you can always get in touch with their live chat support team for any questions that you may have. They provide a swift response, and they provide a fast delivery for all assignments.

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“I had an essay about the United Nations which I needed done. It was 6 pages in total, and needed to be referenced in the APA format. I had heard good things about PaperCoach so I went with them. I was very impressed with the final paper, because it was high-quality and it was properly referenced throughout”.

Dylan M.